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Past exhibitions

Photography Exhibition 

The Color of Life
Date: 12-13 September, 2014
Time: 3.00 pm- 8.00 pm


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– See more at: http://drik.net/drik/gallery-calender/current-exhibition/#sthash.vdFpqnTT.dpuf

Cartoon Exhibition

KALPANA’S WARRIORS- Exhibition by Shahidul Alam


“They told me you were quiet. But I felt the rage in your silence. That when you spoke, they rose above themselves. But I felt their fear. That they held you amidst them. But I felt their loneliness. They pointed to the Koroi tree where you would all meet. The banyan tree under which you spoke. Ever so powerfully. They pointed to the mud floor, where you slept. I touched the mat that you had rested upon, and I knew I had found the vessel that must hold your image.” -Shahidul Alam


“Kalpana’s Warriors” is a tribute to Kalpana Chakma; a unique woman, who had walked among us. The brilliance of visual documentary combined with systematic research in advanced laser photo etching on straw titled – “Kalpana’s Warriors” is a performative installation of portraits of those who have campaigned for a proper investigation of the disappearance of Kalpana Chakma, an outspoken indigenous Bangladeshi woman who fought for the rights of her native people from south-eastern Bangladesh.


The work was based on research by Saydia Gulrukh, social scientist, activist and a journalist; Rahnuma Ahmed, writer; Sadia Marium, photographer and photographs by Shahidul Alam, photographer and activist on the forced disappearance of Kalpana Chakma 19 years ago. The exhibition is the third in the series of expositions on Kalpana Chakma by Shahidul Alam and part of Drik’s ongoing “No More” campaign. It has been curated by A.S.M. Rezaur Rahman.


The installation opened at 6 pm on the 12th June 2015 and remained open from 3 pm – 8 pm until the 17th June.

The article on Kalpana Chakma and the exhibition was published in the ‘Star Weekend’ magazine of The Daily Star on June 26, 2015.
For details:



Photography Exhibition

From Kabul to Kolkata: of Belonging, Memories and Identity

Inauguration: Friday, 24 April 2015, 5.30 pm

Date: 24 April – 06 May 2015

Time: 3 pm – 8 pm

A photography exhibition by Moska Najib and Nazes Afroz, organised by Goethe-Institut and Drik






Bangladesh Through Our Eyes – A photography exhibition by the diplomatic community in Bangladesh

Date: 14-23 April 2015
Time: 3pm-8pm

Organised by Drik and Embassy of the Republic of Turkey






















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